Announcement – Cash Crisis

Lauder Community and Leisure Centre is a community run leisure centre. We are here for the people of Lauderdale whether to meet fitness goals, to socialise, to be a fun place for children to play or even just to have coffee and cake! We do not receive any external funding and we rely on members, gym users and class users to survive. Unfortunately the income from class fees, gym memberships and monthly memberships is not sufficient to cover our costs.

The centre has run dry, we are facing a hard choice, either increase our income or close our doors. The committee are keen to try to keep going, to explore new sources of income, to step up fundraising, and to explore opportunities for grants.

In order to try to continue we will have to increase the prices from 1 June. This will be our first price increase for several years.

We will add 50p to our Pay as You Go prices, and £5 to our Monthly Memberships, the Monthly Gym Membership will also rise by £5 although the student gym membership will remain at £20. Even after these increases the monthly memberships are good value for anyone who goes to more than two sessions per week.

In order to help with the cashflow problems we would like to introduce an annual membership. The annual membership will give 12 months membership for the price of 11. With the membership we will include 24 cafe vouchers, this could be worth £52. The vouchers would be redeemable at the cafe for hot or cold drinks. The normal cost will be £440 but as a special offer, anyone taking out an annual membership in June can beat the price rise and have a year’s membership for £385.

We regret having to increase our prices but the alternative would be to close our doors. We hope that in the coming year as well as improving the financial position of the Centre we can carry out some much needed physical improvements to the Centre.